Friday, November 16, 2012

Paparazzi at the Microsoft Store! I'm Famous!

 What's really "completely embarrassing" as he so states in his post is the lack of observation. Original post here...

First, yes I was and do in fact use a MacBook Pro and run Windows 8 on it. However the the sneaky photo fails to capture the full picture. First, I'm a very cool dude.  So next time at least do it from the XBOX section so you get my good side, and the "I'm a PC" shirt that I was wearing.

Secondly, do note in the photo that that is my desktop there on the screen, um I believe that's Windows 8 and NOT OSX. I also carry multiple phones at this point I had a Lumia 800 Windows Phone in my pocket but also own Android and iOS devices as well.

Furthmermore, if you are in fact the "social media fanatic" that the about page states on your blog; please come introduce yourself! I love to chat technology, and ask what I was presenting that evening.  You'd be suprised, or not maybe, that I was talking about Windows 8 UX Design. You should have stuck around, not only would you have gain some serious knowledge from the 1 1/2 presentation  but also had gotten some dang nice swag and a fancy sandwich from Panera Bread in Microsoft.

I do not work for Microsoft, and even employees of Microsoft are welcome to carry and use iOS and OSX devices.  

Next time introduce yourself, you'd be surprised whose on the front side of that picture.

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